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Hi, my name is Luis Miguel Goitizolo. I present on this page my book
"The Wheel of Time - A Study in the Doctrine of Cosmic Cycles" which I recently translated from my Spanish original "La rueda del tiempo."

You may click HERE for the complete English text.

Ever since I was a youth I was fascinated by Oriental wisdom and particularly by the Hindu doctrines.

However, it was not until a few years ago that I took to studying the ancient doctrine of cosmic cycles from different perspectives, though mainly using the most relevant sacred texts from all around the world.

In time, I felt the urge to write a book about that matter in my mother tongue - Spanish - which I titled "La rueda del tiempo" (in English, "The Wheel of Time").

More recently, after some years as a networker promoting various programs, I decided to translate my book into English, a task that has currently been completed.
Lima, Peru, March 2010

Luis Miguel Goitizolo




My Bio

My full name is Luis Miguel Goitizolo Silva. I was born in 1945 in Lima, Peru, the land of the Incas and the beautiful landscapes. We were five children in my family, three boys and two girls. My father was the best of men, a lawyer, and my mother a loving, beautiful woman who played the piano brilliantly. Religion was very important in our life and we were a happy family in a happy environment...





The Book

The English version of the book has been translated and edited by me from my original "La rueda del tiempo" and will hopefully be published in both hard and paperback cover very soon. You may click HERE or on the book cover for the full English text.

Some excerpts from the book, in both English and Spanish, can be found here. A good amount of contents (in English) may be found here.



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Ch. 1 - The Four Ages of Mankind

Ch. 2 - Kalpas and Yugas

Ch. 3 - The Manvantara

Ch. 4 - The Age of Kali

Ch. 5 - The Universal Doctrine

Ch. 6 - The Primordial  Civilization

Ch. 7 - The Circular Time

Ch. 8 - The Circular History



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